Privacy Policy

Chennaiway Media Services (hereinafter “Chennaiway”) appreciate your effort in taking your time to read our Privacy Policy. We collect/record personal identifiable information manually or automatically, when you use or access any of our services and upon visiting We respect your privacy and considering the same, we have framed this Privacy Policy. This privacy policy explains you, how we deal with the viewer’s information. Taking care of your privacy is our top most priority.

Hereby, by using our services in any form, you are subjected to the acceptance of our terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

Viewer’s information and Usage:

We collect your personal identifiable information when you use any of our services:

  • Subscription of our services.
  • Registration: When you register with us, you will be asked to provide your personal identifiable information like name, surname, date of birth, gender, email id, mobile no, etc.
  • Sharing our contents with others.
  • Accessing third party contents (images, video, etc) and advertisements.
  • Participating in surveys, contests, polls, etc
  • Commenting on any of our articles posted on our website.
  • We also collect/record your IP address from your browser, in order to identify the abusive commenter’s and we reserve the right to remove the abusive comments without any notification.

We use the information that is collected from you in all forms for the following purposes:

  • For internal purposes such us auditing, trend analyzing, strategic marketing and system administration.
  • To communicate with you regarding important notices, changes in any of our viewer related terms and conditions and privacy policies.
  • To develop, maintain and improve our services.

Automated data collection:

Cookies are used for several purposes by us and it is based on the type of cookies used. It’s a technology, which is used to collect basic information about you, which is provided by you willingly.  We collect only the information pertaining to the Chennaiway cookie placed on your browser, which is not accessible by the third party/advertiser. This information is used to identify a valid user, so that we can prevent unauthorized access to your account and to provide a better experience to the user.

All information collected by us shall be stored on servers and any other storage system owned by us or by third parties.

Third party sites and Advertisers:

We also may contain links to other web sites, videos, images and other materials from other websites. When accessing these contents, you will be directed to their websites and/or may support download. We are not responsible for the resulted materials from other web sites, as their privacy policy may differ from us and we are not aware the same. We advise you to check the privacy policies, terms and conditions of other web sites that you are accessed to.

We display links and advertisements from third party advertiser to promote their products or services and such third party advertisers may place a unique “cookie” on your browser and use your information (not your personal identifiable information), which they might use only to understand the nature and preference of the user in order to provide customized advertisements and services.


We value your privacy and we do not share/disclose your personal identifiable information to others in any form. We treat our user’s information at high confidentiality and are not subjected to harm, loss, theft, modification, unauthorized access and misuse. We have a secured procedure to store your information on our servers and third party store systems. We use secure SSL technology to protect and prevent the unauthorized access of your information such as login credentials when it is being transmitted to us.

However, we may be required to share/disclose your information or part of your information to our agents/vendors/ service providers/ third party servers/advertisers and other business associates as a part of our business. We may also disclose your information when it is required by law or as per directions of the governmental agency, authority, court, etc.


Hereby, you agree and acknowledge that Chennaiway has the right to disclose a part of your information or your entire information to its agents/vendors/ service providers/ third party servers/advertisers and other business associates and when it is required by law or as per directions of the governmental agency, authority, court, etc.

Our privacy policies are subjected to change at any time. We reserve an unconditional and absolute right to alter or implement this policy with or without the requirement of notice of the same to you.