Alumini of MIT Raises Funds Through Crowdfunding Ketto to Bring Back its Glory

Madras Institute of Technology after vardah

Madras Institute of Technology is one of the delightful Colleges in Chennai covered with lavish green and that has been extremely hit by the late violent cyclone 'Vardah'. The campus was totally crushed with all tress uprooted or damaged. Not just have the trees in the campus have been destroyed, additionally the trees in the entire city of Chennai.

In the event that you have seen the ethereal perspective of Chennai previously, then after the fact Vardah, you'll become more acquainted with what I'm attempting to state. The violent wind removed more than 17,000 tress in the city and that came at an enormous misfortune to the city and its kin. The city lost its greener cover.

The Alumini and understudies of Madras Institute of Technology have combined framing a group “Athenaeum” and assumed liability of reestablishing the greenery of the grounds once more. They have begun a gathering pledges crusade on the pledge drive site, Ketto.

The Alumini of MIT wrote, “Tropical cyclone Vardah has hit Chennai hard and has uprooted almost all the trees of MIT, causing heavy loss of property and damage. Several of our students and staff have been working day and night to help clear the wreckage. It will take several years to restore what has been lost, but the sooner we start, the sooner we get there.”

In an interview with The News Minute, an alumnus said, “We started the campaign four days ago. We came to know that MIT campus was in a very bad condition after Cyclone Vardah. The college comes under the government so it does not need funding from us but we wanted to raise the funds after seeing the condition of our college.”

They will be using the funds generated through the campaign clearing foliage, tree plantation, rehabilitation, and reconstruction efforts. They hope to raise Rs 5 lakhs for the campaign. “The campaign will go on till January 15, 2017 and then we will finalize a proposal and start work from January,” he said.

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